Refuge, New Hampshire, is a small town. The kind found on postcards. Their biggest concern is the rowdy summertime revelers making their way up from Massachusetts and New York. And with most of the town's residents in neighboring Ashland, for the Fourth of July fireworks show, Refuge is quieter than usual. That is, until the Baptist church's bell starts ringing-on its own. The bell chimes faster and faster, reaching a frenetic pace, as though rung by the Devil himself. But the bell is just the beginning. The air shimmers. The night-time sky fills with a burning red aurora. The moon, previously a crescent, is now full. And just hours after dusk, the sun returns to the sky, revealing an endless desert where there was once a mountainous pine forest. Led by ex-Army Ranger turned surrealist painter, Griffin Butler, Sheriff Rebecca Rule and her deputy, Helena Frost, the residents of Refuge must weather an ever changing onslaught of otherworldly dangers while trying to uncover how and why the landscape beyond town shifts every time the church bell tolls. As a sequence of horrific events threaten to destroy the town, the residents must band together, search for answers and find a way to defend their homes, or Refuge will be lost. REFUGE is a serialized novel, co-authored by #1 horror author, Jeremy Bishop, and five other authors, including bestsellers Kane Gilmour and David McAfee, USA Today bestseller, Robert Swartwood, and newcomer Daniel Boucher. The story was released in five parts, every two weeks beginning in late 2013, but it is now available as one complete novel. So read for the individual parts or the whole completed novel. Either way, you're in for a creepy ride.

  • Livre de Reliure: Paperback
  • Catégories: Book
  • Editeur: Breakneck Media

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