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Vile Things: Extreme Deviations of Horror is the ultimate collection of extreme horror from award winning masters and up-and-coming authors of macabre fiction. EDITORIAL REVIEWS "This book is a definite for any extreme horror fan. Full of terror, sex, and gore, I don't recommend this for the faint of heart." --FANGORIA "Simply put, Vile Things is every deviant horror fan's wet dream." --RUE MORGUE "Vile Things is one of the stronger horror anthologies I have come across in some time, its theme literally appears to be centered around creatures, topics, or situations that are so vile it would send a shiver down your spine." --MONSTER LIBRARIAN TABLE OF CONTENTS The Fisherman by Brian Rosenberger, Fungoid by Randy Chandler, Tenant s Rights by Sean Logan, Again by Ramsey Campbell, Maggots by Tim Curran, Going Green by Stefan Pearson, Coquettrice by Angel Leigh McCoy, The Fear in the Waiting by C.J. Henderson, The Worm by John Bruni, Sepsis by Graham Masterton, What You Wish For by Garry Bushell, The Devil Lives in Jersey by Z.F. Kilgore, Rat King by Jeffrey Thomas, The Caterpillar by C. Dennis Moore, Poor Brother Ed or The Man Who Visited by Ralph Greco, Jr.